Because We Care’s Story & Mission

The Because We Care Foundation was conceived by acts of compassion towards police officers by two young daughters of our founder. In 2015, one of the daughters read the story of a tragic killing of a police officer in Cypress, Texas during a time when relationships between law enforcement and the communities was at a low point. The young girl shared the story with her family over dinner and the two daughters decided they wanted to show their local police department their gratitude for their service and to let them know people cared about them. They decided to dip into their own private vacation funds to purchase lunch for the entire department. The entire police department was humbled by such an act of kindness and sacrifice. In turn the department planned a day to give the girls a tour of the police department, a ride in one of their police cruisers, and they got to talk with various members of the department and learn what they did in their jobs. In addition, the department presented the girls with two cards signed by all the police officers with gift cards for each of them. The encounter and reaction of the children and the police department inspired those who were witness to these events to continue an initiative to foster a better relationship between the emergency departments and the communities they serve.


Our Mission

Facilitate positive in-person interactions between children and first responders to overcome fears and create a positive relationship.

Overcoming Fear

Because We Care strives to foster positive relationships between law enforcement, first responders, and the children in our communities. Every day our men and women in uniform respond to calls that are traumatic, and many of them involve children. Trauma can happen to any child, but early intervention is the key to helping a child cope better with the incident. Emergency situations are often scary and overwhelming for a child. Until the situation is resolved there can be confusion, fear, and a sense of panic. Emergency personnel are strangers and sometimes may seem threatening to a young child who does not comprehend the role of the emergency worker to provide assistance. By providing these professionals with teddy bears, they can quickly provide comfort to children in a way that goes beyond kind words and give them reassurance they are there to assist them. The teddy bears also provide emergency workers a tool to connect with the child and help relieve additional confusion on scene.


Our Goal

Our first partnership was with the Altoona Police Department, and since then we have grown to secure more than 49 partnerships in the fields of law enforcement, fire, EMS, and dispatch departments. Our goal is to continue to reach as many children as possible and continue to foster positive relationships between the men and women in fire, police, and EMS services and the communities they serve.