Welcome to BWC Children’s Charity Foundation

Because We Care Foundation is a non-profit children’s foundation located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Our programs are funded by donations from members of the communities we serve and administered by the Central Pennsylvania Community Foundation. Children sometimes develop a negative perception of our first responders through a traumatic experience, negative influences, or a misunderstanding of our first responder’s role in providing them assistance in their time of need. Our mission is to create opportunities to encourage positive in-person interactions between children and first responders to overcome fears and stereotypes in order to create a positive relationship between them. A community that gets along is a happy, thriving community. Emergency responders and our children are vital members of our communities and it is in our best interest to facilitate a positive relationship between them.




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Our Programs

Teddy Bear Distribution

Because We Care provides personalized teddy bears to first responders to facilitate a positive relationship with children.

Pizza With a Purpose

The Pizza With a Purpose program is designed to help lessen a child’s fears of law enforcement officers, fire fighters, or EMS personnel.

BWC Bear Sightings

Chance the BWC Bear loves our first responders and the children of our community and enjoys the opportunity to bring them together.

Education Scholarships

Each year BWC foundation awards Blair County seniors with a scholarship for criminal justice or early childhood development studies.

First Responder Assistance

We offer assistance to local first responders of our partnership organizations who experience a tragedy, medical emergency, or illness.

Make a Difference

Every day our brave men and women in uniform respond to calls that are traumatic, and many of them involve children. We wish to provide these men and women tools and programs to help lessen the fear and trauma these children may experience. Alleviating some of those negative reactions will help to build a healthier relationship between our emergency workers and the children.

We hope you will consider supporting us through a donation today. All donations are administered by the Central PA Community Foundation.