About Our Organization

Because We Care was started with the goal of wanting to make a positive impact in our community. We also wanted to help build a positive relationship between law enforcement, first responders and the children in our communities. Every day our men and women in uniform respond to calls that are traumatic and involve children. Whether it be a car accident, house fire, or cases of neglect or abuse, our officers and first responders are usually the first ones on scene. We need to be able to give our officers and first responders personalized teddy bears, so when these things occur, they have something to give to the children to provide a sense of comfort and love when they need it the most. Trauma can happen to any child. The key, is early intervention. Our hope is that with the help of our community, being willing to donate to our cause and supporting it, that we will be able to help spread some positive light during the darkest of times with teddy bears. "The fund is administered by the Central Pennsylvania Community Foundation" www.centralpagives.org

It's about Making a Difference

Because We Care Foundation launched on October 24th 2015. Our first partnership was with the Altoona Police Department. Since then, we have grown to include a total of 45 partnerships that include police, fire, ems and dispatch departments and still growing every week. Our goal is to continue to grow as far as possible, and to reach as many children as possible.

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